Tuesday, June 5

Don't Give up songs, Don't quit songs

Don't Give up songs, Don't quit songs 
 The best songs about not giving up and not quiting  for your playlist and social network sites. Video will take you straight to You Tube for re-posting. 

 also try these songs Click Here

Michael Franti: Hey World (Don't Give Up)



Alabama Shakes - Hold On


 Bob Marley - Wake Up And Live

Lauren Black- Drink the rain


Linkin Park - Faint 

Eminem - Not Afraid


Christina Aguilera - Soar


Another Door Opens- SHeDAISY


Eric Burdon - Never Give Up Blues


 Jack Johnson - Staple It Together


Blue Lagoon/Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride


Freewill - Rush


 I Won't Give Up: Jason Mraz 

David Gray - Shine 


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