Sunday, June 10

Songs about being hurt, needing help

 Songs about being hurt, needing help
 A few songs about being hurt or needing help for your playlist or to use them for your social network sites. Video will take you straight to You Tube for re-posting.

 Wounded-Good Charlotte



Junior Wells - I could cry 

Leave Out all the Rest-Linkin Park  

After the Storm - Mumford and Sons.  

Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk -Rufus Wainwright


 Hurt - Johnny Cash

 Scars - Papa Roach

 Set the fire to the Third Bar - Snow Patrol  

Broken- Evanescence

Does Anybody Hear Her- Casting Crowns

 Only Hope- Switchfoot

Savin' Me by Nickelback

John Legend - Ordinary People

Picking Up Pieces-Blue October

Blurry-Puddle of Mudd

 Help Is Round The Corner-Coldplay


 Numb by Linkin Park

 whats this life for-creed

  breathing slowly-crossfade

 Joss Stone – Bruised But Not Broken

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