Saturday, May 26

Songs about Being Poor, Broke, down and out.

Songs about Being Poor, Broke, down and out. 
 The best songs about being poor broke and plain down and out for your playlist and social network sites. Video will take you straight to You Tube for re-posting.


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Tom Waits - House where nobody lives

this song makes me cry every time, so many in my community have lost their homes

Spearhead - Hole in the Bucket


This Ain't Livin'  - G Love

Eric Clapton - Nobody knows you when you're down and out 


Working Class Hero - John Lennon


Ray Charles - Busted


Tracy Chapman - Mountain o'things

Everlast - What Its Like


Boz Scaggs & Duane Allman ~ Loan Me A Dime 

 Mercedes Benz from the GREAT Janis Joplin


Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears - I'm Broke (I LOVE LOVE THIS SONG!!)

  Eminem – If I Had


Michael Andrews-Mad World 


Vinnie Paz - Keep Movin On Feat. Shara Worden 



Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl - Looking for a Job




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